Why You Should Subscribe

Australianbiz is a subscription based on-line tax & financial management tools platform. The site provides an extensive range of small business focused tax and business articles, tax and finance calculators, tax checklists, business templates and other practical information. 

The site is a very handy resource for small business owners, public practice and commercial accountants, bookkeepers and other SME advisors - the majority of our members are public practice accountants. 

Our site was developed and is fully maintained by practising accountants which ensures the information is practical and up-to-date. The articles and other information are written in easy to understand language so that they can be easily understood by all our members

We offer 2 types of subscriptions:

  1. Standard Membership - for SME business owners, accountants, bookkeepers, and other SME advisors  
  2. Premium Directory Listing Membership  - for accounting firms 

5 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Standard Membership

  1. The site was developed and continually maintained by our highly experienced practising CPA and Chartered Accountants which ensures that the information is practical and always up-to-date;
  2. Our articles are entirely small business focused and written by experts in their field. They include 11 monthly tax updates each year and 24 quarterly articles each year on the very latest strategies for asset protection and structuring, business management, and superannuation and estate planning;    
  3. There is a range of key documents that need to be prepared from a management and legal perspective, including a business plan, and a marketing plan. We also provide comprehensive employment contract and contractor agreement templates which are updated in July each year by Andrevey Lawyers;
  4. You'll have access to a range of tax and finance calculators including a monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPI) calculator and a linked profit & loss and cash flow budget calculator that allows businesses to more accurately forecast profitability and their future cash flow position. GST is automatically calculated by prompting users to select either monthly or quarterly GST reporting and whether GST is paid on either a cash or accruals basis; and 
  5. It only takes a few minutes to complete the sign-up and payment process and the cost is only $275.00 per annum GST inclusive. 

Click here to subscribe to standard membership. 

Benefits to Accounting Firms of Premium Directory Listing Membership

We provide an ideal opportunity for accounting firms to more effectively promote their practice and services to local and national businesses by creating a premium listing on our widely accessed accountants directory. In addition to the above benefits, the major benefits of a premium directory listing subscription include:

  • Immediate and unrestricted access to all of the "members only" information on the site as described above;
  • You can forward any of our articles to your clients, but they can't be published in your newsletter or on your website;
  • Your firm will receive priority ranking over the basic listings each time a search is made for an accountant which fits the firm's profile. The accountants directory receives thousands of hits every month as it is very highly ranked on the Google search engine;  
  • Provides the practice with a web presence for a fraction of the cost of similar on-line advertisements;
  • You can provide a link to your own website on the directory and potentially drive more traffic to the site;  
  • Allows the practice to target specific clients and the information contained in the listing can be updated at any time;
  • Potential clients can contact you by email 24/7; and  
  • The cost is only $495.00 per annum GST inclusive. 

We are continually promoting the accountants directory through our strategic partnerships. 

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Other Subscriptions for Accounting Firms

We also offer the following two additional subscriptions for accounting firms: 

  1. Creation & hosting of content based websites - click here for further details 
  2. Articles for accountants websites - click here for further details 

These two subscriptions also provide immediate access to all the "members only" content on our website.